Leisureville interview on Boston Public Radio (WBUR) Scroll to: "Behind the Gates of a Retirement Community"

Adventures in a World Without Children

"Blechman disappears down the rabbit hole.... Fascinating."
The New York Times Sunday Book Review

"After reading Leisureville, the first thing I have to say is: Listen up." — The Washington Post

"If you are contemplating retirement or know anyone who is doing so, I urge you to read Leisureville. You will not find a better written, more entertaining or more insightful account of the myriad implications of the segregation of our society by age and income." — Daily Kos

"A new kind of suburbia ... without children."
Savannah Morning News
Jim Kunstler
podcast 3/1/11
NPR's All Things Considered 3/31/10
The Leonard Lopate Show 8/17/12
Andrew D. Blechman

The Fascinating Saga of the World’s Most
Revered and Reviled Bird

“Do yourself a favor by reading Blechman's charming book. For once, a subtitle that doesn't exaggerate!” — The New York Times Sunday Book Review

"breezy, quirky, endlessly entertaining" — Simon Winchester

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